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Dynamics Research Corporation: The Right Partner for EAGLE

Who is Dynamics Research Corporation (DRC)?

DRC is a leading provider of mission-critical technology management services and solutions for government programs. DRC offers forward-thinking solutions backed by a history of excellence and customer satisfaction. Founded in 1955, DRC is a publicly-held corporation (NASDAQ: DRCO) and maintains more than 25 offices nationwide with major offices in Andover, MA; Vienna, VA; and Fairborn, OH.

What functional category was DRC selected to support?

DRC was awarded in function category 5 -- Management Support Services. This functional category provides the full range of business and technical management services that assist in the development, implementation, and continuous improvement of policies, procedures, guidelines, and directives. These services encompass all areas of IT policy and planning including, but not limited to, enterprise architecture, security, training, enterprise resource management, business process reengineering, IT transformation and strategy, organizational change leadership, and enterprise and program management office support.

Why did DRC win?

DRC, with more than 50 years of government contracting experience, has extensive management services expertise and proven performance supporting defense, national security and civilian government. Our customers respect and applaud our support on major contracts such as the Air Force Design Engineering Support Program (DESP-II), Air National Guard Information Analysis Network (GUARDIAN), Air Force Human Resources (HR) System Program Office (SPO) Support, and Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection (CBP) National Training Center Support.

Why should your company team with DRC?

As one of the few mid-size companies that was awarded an EAGLE contract, DRC brings a unique perspective to teaming. As a mid-size company, DRC can ensure prospective partners that their role on each prospective effort will be fully recognized and valued. We win when you win. We have not forgotten what it felt like to be a subcontractor and we take pride in treating each team member fairly, just as we would like to be treated. We are flexible and look forward to working with our team mates to find new ways to win.

DRC is highly motivated and aggressively pursuing contract opportunities with a highly-responsive, flexible and agile business development, capture management and proposal organization. It will help streamline proposals and enable quick turnaround for task orders. As a subcontractor to DRC, you will find our teaming arrangements are more competitive and can be on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis.

What makes DRC different from the other 13 prime contractors selected for FC5 on EAGLE?

The EAGLE award is an important part of DRC and we will do everything to make it a success. As a mid-size company, DRC is large enough to have the strength, expertise and resources to support DHS at the highest level and to capture significant task orders. Yet, unlike the larger prime contractors, DRC is small enough to be nimble, flexible and innovative to be a true partner to our subcontractors … and to DHS.

Our motivation to win is strong and our desire to be a responsive partner imperative.

Who should I contact at DRC for more information on EAGLE?

Farran Nowlen Burrell
Tel: (703) 236-0920
Email: FBurrell@drc.com




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