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TKC Tech is quickly emerging in the Information Technology / Communications market as a top provider of customer-centric experts in a broad range of IT and information systems support services. TKC Tech stands out among our competitors as a rapidly growing, highly successful information technology service provider dedicated to our clients’ success. We have grown in 4 years to over 100 employees and $50MM in FY06 revenue and $3MM in FY06 net income. We achieved positive cash flow in month 12, and paid off startup debt in month 15.

TKC Tech’s suite of current contracts demonstrates success in a broad spectrum of large and small scale information technology support services. We perform mainframe and midrange server and workstation installation, operation, and maintenance; network voice and data services, comprehensive help desk support; database migration; software and system engineering; Web-based solutions development; and program and project management. Much of this support requires disaster recovery planning and system continuity and configuration management.

Our contract support has been performed for both Federal Government and Commercial customers. In each example, we successfully met exacting performance objectives and regularly exceeded service agreements. Many of our client engagements are highly classified, demonstrating our strict adherence to the most exacting set of rigid security and compliance protocols.

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